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tv   FOX 8 Saturday Early News  FOX  August 20, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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it does feel human right think it's supposed to be cooler todayig? >> we will let what's his name tell us it begins with. >> good morning. >> and never forget old what's
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it will not be cooler today. maybe by 1 degree. yesterday we had 89 degrees i think we will be in that same neighborhoodat today, but eventually he does call, a cool front, early next week will mak that happen and there could be preview of bottom, a late september temperature regime. showers and northwest pa that was the closest precipitation. warm and humid noontime 83 degrees with scattered rainfall perhaps thunderstorms 6:00 p.m. and increases throughout the day that will have rainstorms the high yesterday of 89 degrees, low
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forecasting for warm temperatures with rain developing ahead ofof the cold front. you can see the leading edge of clouds ahead of that front,ng moving into eastern indiana, a high today of about 80 degrees.. rainfall amounts about one quarter inch or so with potential for half inch or more worthy front develops. it will wind down morning. these are current numbers, in the 70s. out to the west, look at those. cheyenne wyoming 30 degrees, billings montana 50 degrees and yellowstone national park. it is 36 degrees. it will not be
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of the air mass that is moving our way, am cool canadian polar air mass. see how their shapes up in the 8 -day forecast and our highs will not be in the '90s next week. the call at one of finest water parks in th countryry. >> wild water kingdom's closing, this time for good, as suzanne stratford tells us this does no mean that everything is dried up. >> like the tall slides it is really fun. >> wild water kingdom made a splash with children, was welcomed by parents when it opened in 2,005 after both geauga lake park and seaworld enclosedug no one and it is
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>> it is sad going through the whole thing again. >> the announcement was posted friday by the parent company cedar fair entertainment said that 2016 would be the last season for the parkd which sits on land in both bainbridge township andnd aurora, whose mayor, says that she was not surprised when she got the call. >>watching the park traff eventually was going to close. >> she says they hope that the property will not sit empty for long, working with bainbridgege and cedar fair leaders. >> we have a very positive colecovision of what the property should be,, with retai restaurants in a boardwalk. >> t says that everything is on the table including efforts to
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like building the boardwalk from the old rollercoaster, so that people can experience the thril of botht old and new memories. >> would be nice to have some more biking areas, playground arease, for families to go to. >> suzanne stratford fox 8 news. the last day of the waterpark to be open will be september 5, they thanked northeast ohioans for supporting them. >> appears to bea closing down according to a sign posted on the door, in south euclid on saturday august 27 the italian market has been a mainstay for a second location in willowick they say will remain open. >> cuyahoga county medical examiner putting out a public health warning, a drug that is
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tells us the warning is also aimed at first responders. >> the drug can kill effort seeps into the skin or if a healthcare worker accidentally inhales it,, the medical examin calls this the latest development in the drug crisis disturbingri. >> car fentanyl as an anesthetic used by veterinarians to sedate large animals,c according to th in small but started a heroin epidemic through when people began mixing it with fentanyl , it has killed 300 people in the county this year, this takes the danger to a new level,l, it has already killed people and summit county,y, the medical examiner explains it is extremely dangerous in small amounts
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the crisis that we are in with theheer narcotics in prescription medicationn in the illegal medications. illegal drugs, yo need to take extra caution themselves using drugs masks, gloves. also, the reversal drug locks on, that saves people from heroin/fentanyl overdoses may not be as effective,, at the very least, and several doses be needed,,e these drugs are so day that the medical examiner's office keeps the reversal drug in its lab just in case workers .re exposed >> dispute over neighbors reckless driving may have led t ghrder in wayne county, the police say 67-year-old paul claren shot and killed 21-year-oldd
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their orrville neighborhood, it was witnessed by his fianc?e an others,, he called them over an begin waving a gun before shooting him once in the chesta. >> your started hollering for him to come over and we got closer he yelled out that he ha a gun and itit happened so fast was standing there and next thing he was on the ground, sho in the heart >> i kept trying to encourage the guide to shoot me instead but hett would not get the gun ryan . claren is held in the wayne county jail on $2 million bond they say he has a history of engines, intimidation and retaliationisf. >> robbed at gunpoint, a priest was held up in sandusky now police are asking for your help to get ain criminal of the stre asf maia belay has more on the
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this is a wonderful community it is historical i have learned a lot since i have been here. i think the church found us more than us finding it. >> fiinfather thomas taylor say always wanted to be a priest. >> he your servant of the altar of the body of christst we are an extension of his mercy >> mayor slay has been shown to the father more times than you can counts to, the showed up ag friday he was robbed at gunpoin at his homen >> the door was not close all the way they say a man saw the opening as a ticket inside and the father was returning from a late-night walk with his dog were met by a stranger on the steps. >> my dog would not stop barking in the man kicked in and that's when i knew he had no respect for lifeed. when he pulled out gun in pushing against the tabl and order me in the back man
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phone and credit card . >> i thought them up a chance that i could get killed. >> hh but that was not the first time for him. was about 2:00 o'clock morning, in a suburb of cairo h wascai drugged, adopted then snatched off the streets need t dwell remodeling in english center a few years ago. >> they try to hang on a very low beingy with the cable use construction in pony up and dow like a yo-yo. >> iafter several hours he was freed. >> tei have a deep scar under my eye and my rib cage and elbow broken. >> > still does not want he was attacked, this monastery is filled with reminders of how close death can be. >> our fathertst d house in syria was attacked by isis in three of ou brothers were killed in an attack,i the monastery burned b
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still on it. >> s reminder of how his faith gotten them through dark times. >> i believe that was watching over me. >> g maia belay fox 8 news. >> officials with the wellington school dick tracy that high school football fans he will ha place to set the season they approved a contract with a loca company to provide temporary season the school's insurance company condemned the wooden bleachers last year are, then concerns over lead paint push back a plan to install donated bleachers, the temporary immovable bleachers will hold about 1200 fans, they say that they will be repurposed in the future to accommodate marching bands in the endzones. >> has been a challenge for the board, they have to a curveball when they had a plan and then
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they've been working diligently to come up with a temporary pla i think they came up with a goo planan. >> is says that temporary bleachers and concrete pads will be in place by september 9. >> w it went from clothing to hollywood, the world is one of the loss of jack riley, known for playing mr. carlin on the bob newhart show in the 1970s he did the character of stu pickles in the nickelodeon cartoon rugrats also worked wit mel brooks in movies liken high anxiety he was born in clevelan and attended saint ignatius an john carroll university passed away in los angeles he was 80
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olympic swimmer ryan lochte apologized for his behavior andndl a rio de
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claimed they were robbed at gunpoint,an police say at least one of them vandalize the gas stationpm restroom, ryan lochte said he was sorry for not be more candid and howw you descri the events, police say charges are unlikely. >> edonald trump and mike pence spent friday during flood damage in louisiana, they met with victims and volunteers. even toward a school with have a damage visit came as president obama continued his vacation on martha's vineyard and has been criticized for not cuttingsisih holiday sure to visit the region. >> hthey need lots of help what has happened is incredible,d lo sense of how bad it is i am jus here to help. >> the white house says president obama will visit tuesday, hillary clinton spoke to the louisiana governor yesterday. >>
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manafort has resigned, is under investigation for his extensive lobbying history overseasis particularly in the ukraine. manafort represented pro russia interests in the country. the fbi and justice department are looking into whether us companies were used to aid alleged corruption in ukrainec. >> hillary clinton told the fbi that her predecessor recommende that she used a private e-mail account during her time as secretary of state,te but a representative for colin powell says he has no recollection of such a conversation. he did send her a memo describing the use of his personaled aol accou for unclassified messages. >> a warning about the zika virus, cdc saysng print women cannot travel to an area of miami beach florida, where five local transmissions have been confirmed, three of the patient were visitors , there have been
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zika in florida and can spread through sexual contact. >> > we are finally going to get a breakak from the heat/humidity. we are not strung together thre days in the 70s sense first of j the 70s sense may. we're going to do at least three in a
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our radar, a couple of showers northwest ohio. and northwest pa heading off east we are precipitation free current temperature 71 hopkins and 69 akron-canton and 70 dover/new philly with dewpoints in the 60s. is moderately humid. then that will be swapped out by canadian
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the average high is 81, overnight lows, looking at satellite/radar composite. clear skies to start out the morning with disabilities of on quarter milei, these high-level clouds with precipitation free by the afternoon we could have thunder. big tribe game beginning at 7:10 p.m. i think that their might be a
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storms doesh pop up, but as of right now they would get that n less they run about 16 or 17 inningsgs but that would not be until after about 10:00 o'clock tonight. the forecast today is warm/humid, afternoon shower/storms best chance evening. tonight scattered showers and thunderstorms maps in motion indicate it will be out of here in the morninggon isolated showers will be followed by clearing in
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most of us will be sound asleepst although, the little ones may not allow them. we have ha cooler temperatures, in the
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indians last
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naquin, and a hero win three-tw over blue jays. yesterday the 60th birthday, tom hamilton, the voice of the indians the best in the business, the only mistake by trevor bauer was earlyes . that is a two-run sh the visitors leading and then they would get one back then mike napoli tribe fan the two-one,, he pitched outstandin, he was a innings, five hits, tw runs anda 13 strikeouts. jose ramirez, gets it done. this is , the ball yard goes nuts, tied it to and set the
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inside the park. thin indians picked up the win. last time they had a walkoff home run to win a ballgame, inside the park was in 1916. terrelle pryor experimentnt at receiver is
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too long catches in as many games from rg3g3 he got the first touchdown on this 50 yarder. where are you in your development? >> continue to get better. i just want to continue to get better intimate place about the opportunity and i don't control what i can but i can. >> id years with the coach said about him. >> > this doing some really goo things will be a good football player obviouslyy it's got to continue learning how we do things that we go about the defense that he has the characteristics that we look for.t during a conference call was asked about k'waun williams
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out terrelle pryor has a good approach to learning everything about the wide receiver position.t john erb archuleta from elyriahu as one gold she did so again last night in the four by 100 relay that is to go for her she won the launch of eli susan tonti of friday night touchdown next friday join us for the season premiere august 26 next friday at 11:00 o'clock for the best high school football coverage right
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when a woman witnessed a crime she took matters into her own hands now she'swh e breaking her silence
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welcome back to fox 8 news with godod a bright sunny start. will be dry until this afternoon, evening the sunshine may become filtered.nd yesterday a high of 89 degrees. averages 81. the 95 record back in 1947. were just a hair above average rainfall surplus. we are still abnormally dry category as
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drought. that's how quickly things can turn around lakefront said 2 degrees with with dewpoints in the mid- 60s making it feel moderately humid wellbeing near the tropical level today. waves of 2 feet or less with southwest winds on lake eries. looking at the rainstorms out to the west clouds ahead of it will filter the sunshine showers later on tonight hope that the tribe gam will get in and we think it well, dry air after the front t giving us sunshine tomorrow. mr. goddard will be in independence today at the discount drug mart between one , d 3:00 p.m. with bobbleheads etc. to help the animal shelter
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it is a case of citizen justice, the cleveland womano witnesses hit-and-run and chases down the driver. .she tells her story only to i-team reporter ed gallek. >> the 19 found a suspected hit-and-run driver just indict for a deadly crash, thanks to everyday citizen, so ask did? >> as the red car pulls up behind me. and the next thing i know she went around me andth when s was roundly heard this noisew. >> watching a hit-and-run, victoria jackson saw a wild driver passer than she saw a motorcycle go by with no writer the driver had hit the water cycle rider before anyone knew that is said turn deadly she knew that the driver cannot jus
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i thought that she was going to stop then the lady hit the gasas arkham that's when my bod my mind saidar, to take pursuit that's what i did i followed that lady. >> i told my girlfriend to cal the cops. >> at the scene, m others reali the motorcycle rider had died, she was killed at east 71st in superior in cleveland. two minutes later she was gone. >> just blocks away, vicki continued following the suspected hit-and-run driver getting a license plate the investigator followed up on the information in just indicted porsha harris for vehicular homicide. >> you could have been hurt. >> ulyes.
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more about theh motorcycle ride family more than herself. >> if something happened to me or my familyhi i hope that some would do the same thing. >> th them at home when he went to the home of the suspect, she goes to court soon to defend herself against the charges in mickey will be watching again, ed gallek fox 8 i-team. >> a lorain police are offering a $5,000 reward for informationor leading to the murder of a navy veteran. on sundayay robert gnizakr was in the taco bell drive-thru when someone shot an killed him , they say it appear the suspect tried to rob him before shooting,a anyone with information should contact lorain police. >> a second person under arrest in connection with a shooting inside of the cuyahoga valley national park, ramen moore is accused of aidingng and abettin the crime, and other suspect wa charged with shooting the victi
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face. >> learning more about an accident involving a city of cleveland a water department truck on the jennings freeway, 60-year-old karim danial of berea died after his band hit the truck, the accident happene after elise neil fell off the victims fan the city employee was treated and released. >> as driverless vehicles consume come to the ohio turnpike, they're clearing the way for testing of trucks but is it safe?ri matt wright has that story. >> mfrom the test track to the turnpike,f driverless vehicles could come to northern ohio this year. >> 's timee to move from a test track to the real roads and are looking for those roads that c do it safely in the turnpike ha a lot of those attributes. >> they say tech coming for seekingng testing grounds with congestion, clear pavement
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and snow will challenge vehicle that rely on a system of radar cameras and sensors >> in the beginning they're oing to still have drivers, most, people won't notice something happens unless they pay attention to additional sensors on the vehicles. >> or it is an emerging field that could put ohio at the forefront especially with commercial truckingt >> you lord of those transportation costs is good fo the manufacturers. >> yywill ohio has fiber optic cable buried along the turnpike to allow theseselo driverless vehicles to be a cake road conditions being ohio does not have any regulations for driverless vehicles , the testing must comply with all current law law. >> hope that we can work hand-in-hand as we understand the technology to deploy theop proper laws to make sure that i is done safe.
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can compensate for human error and distracted driving the local drivers are not sold. >> diare enough trouble with people driving but there's no behind the wheel that something could go wrong. >> cucina malfunction in the system, computers go on the fritz all the time. that right fox 8 news. >> the turnpike is unannounced which companies it is working with, uber is putting out driverless cars in pittsburgh. >> summer comes to him and him that means the beginning of hi school football, and teams are practicing andoo fox 8 news highlighting some of the top teams t >> puritas a look at the highland hornets.
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susan 20 of four and a touchdown is next friday join us for the season premiere friday august 26, 11:00 p.m., best hig school football coverage in northeast ohio here in fox 8.
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orange barrels
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ohio. >> taken away when the work is finished is more dangerous than you might think is shows his ways that highway workers are .eing kept safe >> and i'll jump in northeast ohio has two seasons, winter an the seasons of orange barrels, many are close to passing traffic and when the work is done so one has to pick up thos barrows near tr speed. >> what makes his newer method to pick up the barrel so cool,i captured by skyfox on friday morning watching as the arm behind the truck captures the orange barrel.t vince lanes of behind the truck and onto the berm away from traffic mimicic if does not move it far away than second truck bombs and further into the berm. b
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anything further away from traffic is a safety benefit for drivers and employees. >> in a statement, odot says the most dangerous aspects of the job is setting up and removing work sums so close to moving traffic odot supports any new piece of equipment to improve the safety of highway workers and the public. >> i think it's a great idea. >> ea it is getting safer when you see the orange barrelsls which part of the good news, the othe parth of the good news is that when you see the orange barrels you know that it is not winter, bill sheil fox 8 news. >> i'm just not ready for that. >> ju when you go outdoors you have to bundleut of the kids it take
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>> i'm just not ready for the snow. >> > notalk about the humidity instead. >> i cannot believe they included that shot of a pile of drafting, yet salty smell you can see all of the gray stuff. when i be like that anytime soon. once you get past 16.2 miles,y whatever is on
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sun, behind those high thin clouds you can see the horizon as we head towards halloweekend around the corner. dry with 1 mile visibility booster they were down to about one quarter mile just last hour d so there improvement, dover/new philly 2 miles visibility otherwise check it from can see the cloud cover is now, heading out west you can see to impose rainfall and some fronts with low pressure into wisconsi and the winds from the south will keep the heat/humidity throughout the day. this front arriving late tonight. and canadian high pressure building and it will be much cooler behind the front
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be moderately humid today and i should be through tonight perhaps even into tomorrow night heat/humidity retreat weekend rainfall window beginningum thi evening after four or 5:00 o'clock will be some scattered showers and then afte about 10:00 o'clock a better chance of rain storms that will end quickly tomorrow morning from west to east as we get int autumn like temperatures with '70s arriving,, strongsville at 70, 66 degrees solon. bedford at 58. highs today about 90 degrees, very warm and humid with overnight showers possible tonight low 69 tomorrow 77 degrees.
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you can see the sunshine is bac on monday and we do not start to warm things up againin until wednesday with low '80s. with a three-day stretch in the 70s behind the cold front as it goe through. wednesday and thursday is the next shot at precipitation, thursday and friday morning then back into the 70s next weekend one man's treasure is another ?
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looks like traffic is moving pretty smoothly as people about your business on a saturday mowing. north gone a couple makes the find of a lifetime after local t store.a lifetime after local >> emike and amber hernon picke jackson's c bad album for 2 cents.ts a few days later, the got around to opening up the their e and that's when jaws hit the floor. the cassette booklet is signed by the king of pop himself, they have compared th signature to others and they believe that it is the real deal. >> literally, cannot breathe. i
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blinking my eyes because i cannot believe that this was in front of me. >> assume she said that it was signed and i saw her reaction that i could feel my heart beat in my neckck. >> ckthey say that if authentic it could be worth as much as $3,000,, he said that have no plans to sell it. will be back with a lot more.
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